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Lately I been reading how much the music industry is changing for the past 10 years. Record labels have been losing a lot of money especially like Warner Music Group from 2002-2012. They have lost a combine total 9.6 Billion Dollars. Only in 2006, they made a profit of about 60 million dollars. And that came from illegal downloads places like Rapid Share, Limelight and Bearshare just to mention a few companies. People today are not buying CDs like they use to. Often we hear how musicians today are coming up with their own fresh new ideas just to stay ahead of the curve. From article marketing, marketing thru social media places like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other websites. Most artist are not relying on iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, and Spotify to sell their music. Coming up with their own squeezes pages to start up their own email marketing and branding. Today a lot musicians have two hats one as being a musician and the other as a sales person. And it’s good to have a third hat, how to market music in today world. With upsell to downsell from CDs to merchandise. Most Network Marketers will tell you the most important thing is to build a list. And as a musician that’s also the important ingredient. The list is everything to them. Their is a story about a band that made about $600,000 without a major record label. And that has inspired a lot of artist to do the same thing. But doing everything is a lot of work to do. It’s great for a band to have a publisher that understands what the band is looking for. The will to try something that may not work. And to create ideas and be open what may not be working. Radio promotion is not what was over 10 years ago. And that has been replaced by advertising. That may work and sometimes may not. A great music consultant said once. The key is to key trying things until it works. Sometimes it takes a while to see some results just like any company when it first gets started. The will is what keeps us going. And believing that things will happen soon for the better. After all like a famous artist in the 80’s said once. Things can only better.

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