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Luko Adjaffi Devine, Owner of Mervilton Records

Luko Adjaffi Devine was born a.k.a. Jocelyn Beauvil on May 18, 1966. Influenced by his native Haitian and Dominican ancestry. Fluent in English, French Spanish and Creole he artfully weaves French and English throughout his lyrical ballads. Many of his songs are written and sung in French. Many critics and fans see Bob Marley’s spirit in his eclectic fusion of ballad, reggae, Caribbean style music. In the United States, he has performed in several Bob Marley Festivals. With more than five albums to his credits, Luko has sold more than 998,000 CDs and downloads via the web digitally and live during his Brazilian tour and the concerts in the United States from 2007-2010. Luko has performed at the Boston Garden Live in 1996. Opened for the late Andrew Tosh. Amnesty International. Performed at the request of Former State Senator Ted Kennedy. Luko Adjaffi Devine is a songwriter, performer, producer, composer, actor, vocal artist and Owner of Mervilton Records.


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